Thursday, October 16, 2014

{Knox}: Broken Arm

Sweet Knox has his first (and hopefully last) broken bone.  As a mom of a boy, you somewhat expect at some point for it to happen, I just wasn't anticipating it to happen at 4.5.  And I definitely didn't expect it to come from something as simple as slipping while getting out of the car.

Saturday afternoon (10/11), Stephen stayed home with Blakely so Knox and I could enjoy attending a birthday party together alone.  We were headed home with the intention of making it to see the second half of the Baylor/TCU game and to have a relaxed evening.

After pulling in the garage, Knox did what he always did...unbuckled his seat belt and hopped down, waiting on me to open his door.  He grabbed his birthday party goodie bag and a balloon and started to climb out of the car, something he does multiple times a day.  This time, though, his flip flops hit the frame of my car and sent him sliding down towards the garage floor.  As his tushie hit the frame of the car, it catapulted him forward towards the concrete face first.  At the last second, he put his arm between he and the floor (think Heisman style, without the ball to cradle) and his arm took the brunt of the fall.

He immediately started crying, and as a mom I knew this cry was different.  I scooped him up and did what I normally do - downplay the fall and try to get his mind on something else.  When we walked inside and Stephen greeted us, he started crying a little again and told Stephen his arm really hurt.  We both decided he just needed time to shake it off, I mean he only fell 2 feet at most.

We watched the rest of the game, and even grilled dinner.  However, over the course of the night we noticed that he kept his arm to his chest and was in a lot of pain.  There wasn't any noticeable swelling, but we just knew something wasn't right.  After a quick call to our pediatrician's office, Stephen decided to take him up the Urgent care place for an x-ray, just to rule out a break.

Within 30 minutes he text to say that his arm was indeed broken and he was in a splint.

Crushing.  I know it's not the end of the world, and it's honestly a breeze compared to what could have been, but I was so sad for our little guy.

They came home, and he basically got whatever he wanted for the next 36 hours until we could see the orthopedic doctor.  He was in a lot of pain, so we alternated Motrin and Tylenol to take the edge off.  He slept surprisingly well considering the situation, and we were so proud of how brave he acted throughout the whole ordeal. 

Monday morning we had an appointment with the Ortho, and weren't surprised when he prescribed a cast for 4-5 weeks.  Knox was a little apprehensive going into the appointment, and we were as well.  I was a little scared they might have to set it, which would be so traumatizing, and he was concerned putting a cast on would hurt.  We made a deal that if a cast was needed, he would do blue for Optimus Prime, and as soon as we got home I would paint the logo on it.

Waiting for the cast

The initial sleeve

The first wrap and bending to 90*

He watched the doctor so intently the whole time

Finishing touches

And done!!

And I held up my end of the deal!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

{Blakely}: 8 months

Eight months.  Man, it's flying by, and it's so much fun.  She's such a little love, and every day is a new adventure.  So much happened this month, between developmental milestones and fun trips, that we're having to really slow down and enjoy each day as it comes or we feel like we'll miss something.  
Her personality is truly blossoming, and man are we going to have our hands full.  She loves being around the action, and thrives off of routine and being on a schedule.  She plays well alone and with us, but definitely wishes she could follow big brother around everywhere he goes (and play with all of his toys).  She loves to eat, and will eat most anything I offer to her.  She definitely wants to feed herself, and loves exploring new foods.  Her current favorite are blueberry waffles, and she is always down for a Mum or two.  She LOVES sleep.  We put her down at 7:45pm and often have to wake her in the morning to get Knox to school.  We definitely lucked out in that department!

She now crawls all over our house, has two teeth, waves hi (though it's few and far between), and pulls up to standing.  She's still a bit wobbly once on her feet, so I look forward to her being a bit more stable so I won't have a heart attack every time she topples over.  

She is such a happy baby, and we are just so lucky to get to be her parents!

Here are a few of her pictures from this past month, with a few of our travels included:

Having breakfast

Silly girl

I still melt any time she falls asleep on me

Monogrammed tooshie

Picking up bubba from school

Family day at the State Fair

Tuckered out after Big Tex

Fun with Aunt Kelly while mom and dad took Knox to the Rangers game

Fun in Fredericksburg with the Bridges

With her bestie, Elle, and matching shoes

Eating a banana with the mesh snack container.  Yuck

Teething, and not really wanting to smile

Holding her baby doll

Showing off