Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Big Reveal

Bow or Beau?

Since finding out I was pregnant, I've honestly not even thought too much about gender.  My thoughts instead were ensuring the baby was healthy and developing at the correct rate.  I know all mothers worry/think about this, but I think due to our fertility issues and miscarriage, I just obsessed about it.

Leading up to the appointment, Stephen and I knew we wanted our families to be involved in the gender aspect.  These "reveal parties" are quite the trend, and there are a ton of great ideas circulating to reveal boy or girl.  We thought about a lot of different options, and decided ultimately to make it a family evening and an easy reveal.  I googled a few different bakeries, and decided on one close to our neighborhood.  The owner was really sweet and was willing to work with me on the surprise.  The plan was that after our sonogram, I would bring her the gender in an envelope and she would create one "gender" cupcake out of the 24.

Fast forward to Thursday and our appointment.  I was a ball of nerves, but also so excited to see the nugget.  My OB refers everyone to a perinatologist to do the anatomy scans, and the one she referred us to was across town.  It took us 45 minutes to get there, and I was back in my car in 10.  Really fast appointment!

The sonographer was excellent!  She explained EVERYTHING in detail, down to measuring her pinky toe!  We saw all of the major organs, watched the blood flow through the four chambers of the heart, down the spinal cord...it was amazing.  I know we saw all of those things with Knox, but the sonographer then didn't tell us anything.  This one was very informative and made us feel at ease.  Everything on the baby checked out perfectly, and I was REALLY excited and relieved.

We told her at the beginning we didn't want to know the sex just yet, so she made us close our eyes while she got the "money shot."  She printed pictures for us and we were out the door.  We took Knox to the appointment, and I'm so glad we did.  He just stared in awe, pausing a few times to ask questions, while taking it all in.  At one point the sonographer showed us the profile with the baby's hand rubbing her eyes.  Knox looked at Stephen and said "that's adorable."  I melted.  It was a sweet moment, and I'm glad we all shared it together.

Once I left, I made sure the envelope was as far out of my reach as possible.  I didn't want to peek, and knew I wouldn't...but I didn't want the tease.  That afternoon I met with the baker and gave her the envelope...then it was just a waiting game.

Friday, the Dotsons came in from Houston, Kelly from Dallas and then all of my family arrived at our house around 6.  We had errands all day to keep us busy, but we were really anxious and excited.  The food was super casual, a few trays from Chick-fil-a and homemade fruit salad and mac 'n cheese.  The kids scarfed while the adults avoided the elephant in the room...the one cupcake sitting in the glass dome on the cooktop.

I decorated using the trusty google search "Free Gender Reveal Printables."  I only paid $6 for the cupcake toppers to have our name on them, the rest were free!  Pretty schnazzy!

I printed off a little chart of the "Old Wives Tales."  As you can see, all but two said "GIRL."  

The tally of "Bow Vs Beau" was slanted from the beginning.

One of the "Beau" tallies was Knox.  Since he's known about the baby, he's always said girl.  Then two days before the reveal he flip-flopped.  That's why he came dressed in blue!

The cousins had no idea what was going on, except that there were a lot of toys, balloons and nuggets to enjoy!  (From Left-Right:  Ally, Conner, Olivia, Mackenzie and Holt.  Not pictured:  Erick, Knox, Avery)

Once everyone had eaten, it was time.  Not going to lie, I was a nervous wreck.  Again, I honestly didn't care what the gender was.  There was just something about the build up to finally knowing that was a bit crazy.  We cleared the table and sat Knox in between us on the banquette.  The original idea was that he would eat the cupcake and we would all cheer.  Once we sat down and he saw all of the cameras and people hovering and staring...he clammed.  So, we just asked him to remove the cupcake topper (which would have the icing on it).  Below is how it all went down, including waterworks from me!

My face, ha!

Total shock...then tears!

Explaining how he would have a baby sister!

Stephen had to take the big bite to show the icing...Knox still needed to warm up.

And he did...

We are so thankful that the baby GIRL is healthy, and so overjoyed to be able to have another baby.  We are completely in awe at this miracle, and thank our Father daily!  It's truly a blessing and dream come true. 

Blakely Marie Dotson-Due 2/14/14

As far as her name goes, it is one we have had picked out for quite some time.  In fact, Knox would have been Blakely if he were a girl!  There's no real significance to the name, other than we liked it.  85% of the time she'll go by Blake, but we love how feminine Blakely is.  

Marie is my middle name.  I was named after my grandmother, whom I never met as she died 8 months after I was born.  We shared the same birthday, and I love that I carry her memory along with me in my name.  Ironically, a few of Stephen's aunts and cousins also have that middle name, so it was a given!

We just love her so much already.

Bring on the pink!!!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Catch up...

The amount of catch up I need to do on this blog is getting comical...but in efforts to start somewhere, we're just going to have a photo dump.  I've been putting off this post because I kept avoiding editing the pictures...so I decided to not edit and just post them up.  

Here in Austin we're finding a lot of different bugs and wildlife than our usual Dallas mosquitos.  We've had praying mantis, grasshoppers the size of my hand, wolf spiders (read: MASSIVE), and the occasional coyote.  Knox found a catchable grasshopper one morning, so off we went to locate the bug catcher.

He was so excited!

I decided we needed to release him to the wild, so we went outside.  Knox promptly told me he wanted to document the release.   He's into using my "big" camera lately, and he did a good job!

Another thing we've gotten back into is painting.  He loves to paint, both acrylic and watercolor.  I decided to just let him go for it and use the art for his hallway.  I think it turned out cute!!

 I really do have plans to show you the house, and to update you all on what we've been up to...but it will have to wait.  You see, yesterday we went for our anatomy ultrasound.  The little nugget is perfectly healthy, and this momma could NOT feel any more relieved.

We had her put the gender in an envelope, and a baker is going to give us cupcakes to reveal the gender.  Tonight's the shin dig, so I'll post an update soon!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Knox's First Day of Preschool-3's

I have so many planned posts, and just no time to write them.  Moving in, getting the house settled, what Knox has been up to, pregnancy updates...but they'll just have to wait, because today Knox started PRE-SCHOOL!

He's been so excited to start school and meet new friends.  He's asked me every week this summer when school will start, and when we started the "(x amount) of sleeps until school" talk he's been super pumped up.  It makes my heart happy that he loves meeting new people and learning.

Funny story...I told him on Sunday that he had two more sleeps until school started.  I meant two more "big" sleeps, meaning at night.  Well, when he woke up from his nap yesterday he was ready to go to school.  I told him he still had one more sleep, to which he argued "no I don't.  You said two more sleeps.  I sleeped last night and my nap today.  2 sleeps."  To his credit, he was keeping track and really excited.  Once I explained everything he was fine, but also bummed.

This morning, we got ready and snapped some pics before his big day.  He wasn't too keen on smiling for the camera, but we still ended up with a few good shots:

Once we arrived at school, I made him take a picture in front of the sign...it was bright outside, hence the squint!

He is currently enrolled in the Tuesday/Thursday class while we are on the waiting list for a MWF opening.  While home, I got a call from the director that an opening came up, so he'll be going again tomorrow, and then MWF for the rest of the year!  He's so excited...and though I'll miss him, once Dotson 2.0 arrives it will be a huge blessing!

When I picked him up, the teachers said he did great and they loved having him in the class.  Can't ask for much more than that!  We're looking forward to a great year!

Hope all of your kiddos have a great year, too!