Thursday, March 31, 2011


I've mentioned before how much Knox loves bathtime.  It finally occured to me to document this, which is funny because I'm usually overbearing with the pictures. 

Knox loves playing, splashing, and standing (eek!) in the bath.  He's finally in the big bath, and loves his freedom.  And I love his naked tush!

I mean seriously...LOVE it!

He loves grabbing his toys from the walls!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

11 month chair pics

Knox is 11 months.  In less than one month now, we'll be celebrating his 1st birthday party.  Where has the time gone?  It's been full of laughs, joy, excitement and love.  Seriously, we couldn't love this little boy any more!

We have a really good baby.  He rarely cries or gets upset (though he still has his pterodactyl screams when he wants more food...NOW!), and has the sweetest disposition.  This is the first month, however, that he's caused a fuss.  He REALLY didn't want to sit still in the chair.  He wanted to move.

These are the cutest ones I got:

 Seriously, I could eat him up!

He HAD to have his thermometer cover in his hand for all pics.

The rest of the pictures looked something like this:

"Not going to smile."

"Seriously, STOP!"

"Eh, the brick wall is WAY more fun."

"I'm just going to walk away.  This is ridiculous."

Things he loves:
Table food
Milk (we're on whole milk now.  He didn't-so-much like formula and basically went on strike)
Taking a few steps...then he quickly realizes he can get to his destination much faster crawling
Walking behind Dino and his Thomas the Train toy
Attempting to open cabinets (that are locked) and proceed to slam them because he's upset they are closed.
Reading books and touching each page
Baths.  Loves the water
The dogs
Shaking his head "No"
Waving hello and goodbye

Things he hates:
Baby food, he will shake his head "no" and cover his mouth
Sitting still
Being told no (to be fair, he doesn't hate it, just laughs at me)
Being in the carseat if we're not moving
Green veggies.  I'm working on it, no fear.
Not being able to get the cabinets open

We love this little guy to the moon and back.  Can't wait to see what the next month and year hold for him!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring is Swinging!

Spring is here, and Knox loves to be outside.  What better way to accomodate than with an adorable red adirondack swing (thanks Mimi and Papa).  He's in love, and so are we.  It's pure joy watching him swing...he has a smile on his face from the second he spots it hanging from the tree.  And the best part?  We live on a corner and he's content just being in it and watching the cars go by (which is how we got our yard work complete). 

I can't wait to spend summer days swinging him outside.  It's the little things...

He saw a squirrel.  Serious business.
On his way down.  Pure joy I tell you.

I could just eat this face up.  In love.

I can't believe he's about to be a year old.  This picture drills it home for me.  He looks so grown up...tear!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Baby

Dining room: Before and After

When we moved into our house, the paint on the walls was very neutral.  This was great while we got things settled and decided how we wanted to decorate.  Until we have money to go and get the furniture we really want, we need to work with what we have. 

This is the dining room before:

With a little paint on the walls and trim, some inexpensive but great drapes (made by my MIL), a Wisteria Outlet lantern in place of the monkey chandelier, and a little painting done while the baby slept...voila!

The Dining Room after:

There's still quite a bit "decorative" to do, but the bones are there.  The other stuff can wait.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Caught Red (or Puff) Handed

My favorite part of the video is Knox re-adjusting the puff so that Gracie had a better chance of grabbing it.  silly bugger.

Monday, March 14, 2011

First word!

Knox said his first official word: Dog.  What's funny is that everything else he says (besides mama, dada and the usual babble) is unintelligible.  But Dog, it's Dog.  Even down to the "G." So cute. 

I love hearing his voice.  Melts my heart.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Mom's Birthday

We've been gone.  Out of town.  It was a much needed vacation, and I'm sad to see it end.  However, Knox now has a Spring wardrobe, some great new kicks and a hospital visit behind him (nothing serious, just a bad stomach bug).  We had the best time celebrating with my mom...she even spent the second half of it here with us in Dallas.  I love spending time with my mom, and Knox loves all the attention from his Gigi. 

While in Austin, my brother, Andy and sister-in-law, Natalie suprised my mom and came in town with their two girls.  We had a family dinner (Hayley and Matt came, but we missed Jeremy and Lindsay and their kiddos) at Verde's.  If you are in Austin for vacation, live there or just like a NICE restaurant that is also kid-friendly, GO HERE.  It's amazing.  Check out these pics, promise you won't be disappointed.

I snapped a few pics of my mom and dad with the kiddos.  Love these! 

Gigi and Knox

Olivia, Knox, Gigi and Avery

All with Gigi and Papi!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Things he loves...

Three out of four nights, he takes a "happy hour" nap (from 5:45-6:30).  Stephen took this during one of these naps.  OUT!

And this video is of him standing and ignoring me...both things he loves to do!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Baby Shower was Featured...

On Bump Smitten. Cindy, Emily and Kathy did a great job, and I still treasure all of the pictures of that special day!

See the article here!