Sunday, November 28, 2010

7 month chair pics

I'm fully aware at how biased I am...but isn't he the CUTEST??

Knox is turning into the sweetest and most curious little boy.  People comment all the time on how happy and quiet he is.  I wish these people could see him at 7:45pm :)  We just love our little guy, and are so thankful he's healthy and happy!

At 7 months, he LOVES:
Food, everything except green beans and prunes.
Holding his bottle and feeding himself.
Standing up.  If you're holding him and try to put him down, he locks his legs so he's standing. 
Mickey Mouse in the morning.  But only in the morning.  If I need a spare second in the afternoon and put it on, forget it.
Being outside.  He's obsessed.
Squirming to reach a toy or mom's hair.  Or the dogs.  They love that.
Getting in the crawl position, rocking and then face planting.  Then doing it all over again until he reaches his desired location (usually my feet, his toy basket or the dog's babies).
Meeting new people, especially people who make funny faces at him.
Running errands.  He likes to be out of the house, and is always looking around everywhere we go, taking it all in.
Tearing up paper.  At his 6-month check up, he annihilated the paper on the doctor's table.  He hasn't stopped, and often squirms his way over to the stack of magazines on the side table and starts tearing pages out. 
Hearing the sounds of objects.  He loves to play with things that have different sounds, i.e. bags of chips, paper, squeaky toys, empty bottled waters, etc.
The dogs tails.  Gracie HATES this.

He doesn't so much love:
Changing clothes.
Missing out on the action.  He WILL NOT NAP if there are people over.
Sitting still.
Sitting in his carseat if we're eating.  He wants to be involved.
His sippy cup with juice.  He'd rather chew on it and be done.

The dreaded green beans and prunes.
Being alone.
Me feeling around in his mouth for teeth.  Still none.
When bath time is over.
Putting pajamas on.

Thanksgiving at a glance.

Thanksgiving morning, we headed down to Cedar Hill to visit my grandmother, Arjorie.  She was SO excited to introduce Knox to all of her "friends."  She loved getting to hold him, and Knox didn't mind at all.  We had a great lunch and visit.  I am very thankful she's close enough that we can see her on these special holidays! 

We then headed to Highland Park to have Thanksgiving with the Dotsons and the Holmes.  Glenda cooked a great turkey and we all brought sides...we ate a lot and had a great time.  Of course I forgot to take any pictures of the family Thanksgiving.  Knox didn't want to miss any action, so he skipped the nap and jumped in his Jumparoo the entire dinner.  At least he wasn't screaming. 

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving surrounded by your family and friends.  I'm thankful for each of you!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Full of thanks

I love holidays.  I always have, but it feels so different now.  There's this well of joy in knowing that every holiday from now on will be spent with our family- with Knox.  It's an indescribable feeling.  I'm so cheesy.

I'm thankful that God chose Stephen and I to be the parents to this sweet boy.

I'm thankful that even when the world seems to be closing in around us, we still have Him to lean on.  And we're together on the journey.

I'm thankful for our health, and the health of those we love.

I'm thankful for His grace.

I'm thankful for all of YOU!

Enjoy your holidays, and when you think about it...hug the ones you love!

Friday, November 19, 2010

What's happening...

Things are moving so quickly I forget to post.  I apologize.  Some random thoughts and Knox happenings...

*He loves standing up.  He'll hold onto our ottoman and bounce his legs...with support, of course.

*He still hates green beans.

*Stephen and I are celebrating our 4th anniversary tonight with a steak dinner and quiet conversation.

*He is crawling, just VERY slowly.  He gets on all fours, moves his legs up to his arms and belly flops.  He then repeats the process until he's at his destination. 

*I'm thankful for his VERY slow crawling.  For now at least.

*He loves to squeal.

*Is it too early to put him in his Radio Flyer wagon?  It just screams "cute Fall walk" to me.  Gracie and Bella would love it, too!

*I love our neighborhood.  I had the most relaxing run yesterday along the creek, with all of the leaves falling and the sun reflecting off the water.  That was a dorky sentence.

*I love friends with babies close-by.  Lorie and I walked Beck and Knox to the store yesterday.  It was comical watching me walking back home with the stroller dragging the ground...but it was fun!

*We have so much to be thankful for!

Friday, November 12, 2010

High maintenance

Knox has turned over a new leaf.  One we're not exactly fond of.  He found his voice...and sass.  The noises this child makes are nothing short of prehistoric.  Pterodactyl-esque.  Did any of you know that is how you spelled that word?  Me neither, I looked it up.  

He states his likes and dislikes with shrieking fervor.  Deafening.  We found out the hard way tonight that he'd HAD ENOUGH of prunes.  We got it now.  Noted.  He also is very vocal when he is tired of snaking (quasi-crawling) to find a toy.  One that I've purposefully put out of reach.  He's becoming a doozy.  I can hear my mom saying "What goes around comes around" all the way from Austin...

The moments he's a complete angel FAR outweigh his dinosaur chatter.  The majority of the time he's a sweet, loving and adorable little munchkin...and I've caught a few of those on camera.

First...he's OBSESSED with jumping.  Whether it's in this Baby Einstein exersaucer or in the Johnny Jumper (the old school door-frame one) he's in heaven!

FYI:  The video was taken a few months ago...we've since moved the elephant toy up a bit :)

This next video is from mealtime.  Knox LOVES solids.  He's never (before the prune incident) turned away food...and he has a problem if I'm not feeding him fast enough!!

We just LOVE our little out-spoken, soft-hearted, cuddly monster...and his appetite!  This is a fun stage :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Baylor beats Texas...

The Dotson's have some very sweet friends, and they graciously invited us to their suite for the TX/BU game.  We were so excited, not only to see our Bears, but also to see all the kiddos.  The Gatewood's were fantastic hosts, and of course seeing the Stedham's was a treat.  Did I mention the Bears beat the Horns?  It was an amazing night...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

6 month chair pics

Love that smile!

Our little Tommy Bahama!

Love his grin, and his faux-hawk shadow :)


Loves standing...
Our little man is growing up so fast. Seriously...6 months?  That's crazy!  He's such a sweet boy, and is a great baby.  He doesn't cry unless he's hungry or tired, and thankfully he's a good eater and sleeper!

His stats:
15.8 lbs (25%)
26 3/4" (50%)

Things he loves:
The dogs.  First thing he does when he wakes up is look to the floor to see if the dogs are there.
Snaking on his tummy/Rolling to get something
Baths...seriously, has started whining when we take him out because he wants to keep splashing
All vegetables, with the exception of green beans.  I'm going to sneak them back in though, don't you worry!  His favorite veggie is butternut squash. 
All fruit
Anytime mom and dad sing
Jumping in his jumper
Driving his "car"
Sophie and his stuffed giraffe
Rolling while changing his diaper.  It's like wrestling an alligator. 

Things he hates:
Green Beans
Changing clothes
The bulb sucker
Sitting in his high chair without eating.  And by eating I mean if there's a 2 second delay in the next bite he starts squirming.
Being alone

We just love him to pieces.  Can't imagine life without him.  We're so blessed!

Monday, November 1, 2010

What do Dora, Boots, Baby Bop, a Black Widow and Jack Sparrow have in common???

They're all cousins...well in our family at least.  Before the trick-or-treating commenced in our neighborhood we headed to Jeremy and Lindsay's for some cousin pictures.  They are so cute.  Enjoy!

Baby Bop (Olivia), Jack Sparrow (Knox) and the Black Widow (Avery)

Boots (Conner) and Jack Sparrow

Boots really wanted Jack Sparrow to have some of the sucker!

Boots, Jack Sparrow, Baby Bop and the Black Widow

Dora (Mackenzie) and RGIII (Jeremy) made an appearance in this one

Where the trick-or-treaters entered...our side porch

View from our porch

Beck stopped by, and Knox was so happy to chew on his slippers!

Beck and Knox