Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cat's out of the bag...

Not too long ago I posted about our infertility issues, and our pursuit of adoption.  God had really put my heart at ease about the reality that we wouldn't have any more children of our own, and I was really excited about adoption.

One of the first things after applying for adoption is the home study.  Since our house is still under construction, we decided to take our time finding an agency we both felt comfortable with, live in our house for a month or so to get settled, then tackle the application process and feel better about the home study.

The summer was flying by, and we were super busy with small trips and fun events.  The house was coming along, and we were trying not to obsess too much about the details.  One morning over coffee, my dad casually mentioned that he was praying we would get pregnant while living with them.  Ummm...we'll just take a moment to let that settle.  My first thought was "gross!," and quickly moved to, "that's awkward."  I laughed, and we joked about it a bit, but later I realized how bold that was.  My parents, like Stephen's and a lot of you out there, have been praying for two years that we would get pregnant.  But this, "while staying with us," took me back.  There was a timeframe!  Ha.

Honestly, I forgot the comment soon after.  Things were still plugging away on the house and we were away almost every weekend.  My parents were also headed out of town, to Portugal in fact.  Before leaving, my dad was fasting in preparation for the trip.  What I found out later was that he was also fasting for us.  Taking away all distractions and able to focus more clearly in prayer, he was again BOLDLY praying for a baby for us.

Stephen and I held down the fort here, and once they returned we headed to San Antonio for my brother's CrossFit regional competition.  Somewhere during that week, we conceived our miracle baby.  I had no idea of the "timing' of things, nor that I was around that "time" when we should try.  Honestly.  It was so far from our minds.  One of the things that makes me laugh is when we were doing IVF, and every other fertility method out there, people would say "Just when you stop thinking about it you'll get pregnant." I feel comfortable enough with you readers that I can say I wanted to PUNCH people when they would say that.  Worst thing to say to someone trying their darndest.  But...maybe in this case it worked out.

The next few weeks were the same...checking on the house, visiting my grandmother in Tulsa (and not dying in tornadoes) and then visiting my in-laws for my MIL's birthday.  On the way there, I was feeling as if "she" might be coming soon.  I quickly checked my calendar to see when I should expect it, and sure enough it was that weekend.  I used caution, and fully expected her to rear her head...but she never did.  While in Houston, I just had this weird feeling I should take a test.  It probably had something to do with the cocktails I was consuming, but I just thought I should check.  Without anyone knowing, I went to the store and got a little test.  In two and a half years, I've seen a gazillion negatives.  What's one more?

POSITIVE.  Seriously positive.  

I called Stephen to come upstairs and could barely get it all out.  We hugged, and he asked to see more positive tests...such a guy!

We decided to keep it just between us for a bit.  We didn't want to get too excited until we'd had a doctor confirm.  The minute we got back to Austin I had my records from Dallas sent to an OB/GYN here and had an appointment 3 days later.  Nervous, much?

They did an ultrasound which showed a very small sac, and did an HCG beta test.  I came back a few days later and did a repeat Beta, which confirmed I was pregnant.  I came back weekly for the next few weeks for sonograms until the baby was big enough to see on ultrasound, and then again until we could see a heartbeat.

What a glorious day that was.  The tiny flicker was clear as day, and instantly Stephen and I felt sure things were progressing well and couldn't wait to tell our parents.

This part was tricky.  We were living with mine, but wanted all to know at the same time.  We invited the Dotsons to Austin to "check on the house and design ideas," and thankfully they took the bait without too many questions.  Once here, we all went to the house where I asked them to look at something in our "crap room."  Once inside, they could see a banner that said "Nursery Design Ideas DUE on or before Feb. 16th. 2014."  It took them a bit, but everything finally set in.

It was a perfect day.  We all cried, there were a lot of questions, but everyone was over the moon about this miracle baby.  From the history of his prayers and fasting, I think my dad's reaction was the one that most hit home to me.  He was so shocked, and so emotional...I won't forget that moment for the rest of my life. we are.  I've been SICK and tired, but I wouldn't change a thing.  I wasn't sick with Knox, and I honestly feel God is allowing the sickness to give me a constant reminder that He is GOOD and things are progressing normally.  We're so thrilled, humbled and can't wait to meet this wonder baby!

Thanks for all of the prayers, calls, texts and messages on this journey.  We love each of you and are so thankful you are in our lives!  And if you are on the infertility roller coaster, please know that there is HOPE in the One who can do more than man or medicine.

Luke 18:27-But he said, “What is impossible with man is possible with God.”

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Family Reunion and Wedding in Lakeland

 Two weekends ago Stephen and I traveled to Lakeland, FL to attend his cousin Ricky's wedding.  The weekend had a little special meaning, though, since it was the first time (ever) that all 12 of Stephen's first cousins were under the same roof.  Family from FL, TX, HI and Honduras came in town for the event, and we had so much fun catching up and goofing around.  Since we all stayed at the same hotel, there was never a dull moment.

The rehearsal dinner night we got gussied up and celebrated the beautiful couple.  We had to take a few family pics, too!

Before attending the rehearsal dinner, the guys were on the prowl for a late night spot to go to afterwards.  We quickly learned that we had one option...the brass tap.  After looking at their website, we realized they boasted having an extensive draft beer menu.  With 12 potential drinkers, they devised a plan for all of the cousins that could attend to head there afterwards, and try and drink one of every beer on tap they offered.  Lofty goal, but one that the group was willing to tackle.

I'm happy to report that all 62 beers on tap were consumed.

The boys went and played golf that morning, headaches and all, and the girls lounged around and shopped.  We met up for lunch and then relaxed in preparation for the wedding.  Their wedding and reception were beautiful, and everyone had a great time!

The "plus 1" picture

All 12 with Grandma

After the wedding, we headed back to the hotel to hang out.  And when I say hang out, I mean take over the lobby at 1am:

So much fun!  Even the bride and groom popped in...poor guys :)

The next day we headed home to our little guy.  It was nice to have a break, but also so nice to snuggle him again.  Until the next reunion...

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Knox-isms...from the mouths of toddlers!

We just returned from a little family reunion for a cousins wedding in Florida, and we left the nugget home with Gigi and Papi.  We always miss him when he's not around, but we seemed to really miss him this time.  I think it's the age...he's hilarious.  Not necessarily meaning to be, he just is.  

My friend Mollie posted a while back some things her daughter Claire had I copied.  I keep a running note in my phone, and when he makes a funny comment I jot it down.  Here are some of the recent things that have come out of his mouth:  

Knox: "I feel like Santa."
Me: "Why?"
Knox:  "Because I got sweaty from my food."

Me:  "Knox, stop kicking mommy's seat."
Knox: "No, I'm just exercising." (And then continued to count to 20 reps kicking my seat)

(He couldn't find daddy on the tennis courts, but was still clapping while looking)
Knox: "I'm just cheering for the other mans. Two more!!"

Knox:  (First day of 100 degree weather)  "It's so hot. It's making my eyeballs hurt."

Me: "Knox, do you want toast with jelly for breakfast?" 
Knox:  "No.  Can I just have the jelly?"

With Gigi this weekend (she documents, too)--
Gigi: "Knox I need to run home and get my phone."
Knox: "I have my fast shoes on, I can run."
Gigi: "Oh, I mean I need to go home and get my phone"
Knox: "oh, can I stay in the car?"
Gigi: "I guess. I am just going to get my phone."
Knox: "can I look for stuff?"
Gigi: "what?"
Knox:  "Can I look for stuff in your car?"
Gigi:  "look for stuff?  No."
Knox: "oh!  My Mom says no, too!"

Knox: "Watch this GiGi!  You will laugh!"
GiGi: "I can't. I'm driving."
Knox: "OK, you can just laugh!"

After tripping:
Knox, to me:  "I hurt here, here, here, here and here (pointing all over). You can just go ahead and kiss my whole body."

Knox: (while looking at me in glasses and work out clothes):  "Mommy, you should probably go get dressed."
Me:  "Oh yea, you don't like the way I look?"
Knox:  "Well, you can't go to HEB's (he pluralizes it) like that.  And you look prettier when you have real clothes on."

Knox: (in a public restroom, the lady next to us passed gas)  "Mommy, I think she needs to try to poop, too.  Will she get a toy if she goes poo poo?"

He definitely keeps us on our toes, and we haven't ever had more fun than with him!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Fourth of July 2013

My parents neighborhood has a 4th of July parade every year, including a city Firetruck.  I could probably end this post here, knowing that you all will understand what this meant for Knox:  Mind Blown.

The truck arrived 45 minutes or so earlier than the parade time, so we were able to walk down and catch a peek.

The hose adapter.  It was really heavy, but he managed with a few grunts for emphasis

Daddy let him drive
Sitting in the backseat, all buckled in and ready for an adventure

Standing on the front bumper

Wearing Lt. Campbell's helmet

Once the parade was ready for take off, we went back to the house to get a front row seat.

Watching the parade, and waiting on the Firetruck

The only family shot of the day :( 

Once the parade was over, Knox requested a second visit to the Firetruck.  Thankfully, Gigi and Papi obliged.  He came home with a Tiger's Blood sno-cone, so the trip was worth something, right?

We spent the rest of the day soaking up the rays by the pool and eating some yummy BBQ with the family.  A good Rangers win was icing on the cake!

Hope each of you enjoyed your 4th!