Mommy Goods

This will be my list of "mommy goods" that I just can't live without!

      • These are fantastic bags.  I started with a Petunia Pickle Bottom, and while they have great bags, too, the room for storage is pretty sparse.  With the Timi & Leslie, there's plenty of room to store everything from food to toys, extra clothes and even mom's make-up bag!  All the styles are adorable, but I have the Charlie in the light taupe!  Go get one!!

      • This is my favorite travel high chair.  Once Knox was 9 months old, we used it anytime we were on the go!  He loves feeling like a big kid in a big chair, and usually eats more and is better for longer while in it! 

      • This website has awesome (and affordable) personalized shwag.  It's become my go-to for gifts, and of course I usually snag one of whatever I order for Knox.  My recent favorite has been the placemats.  He loves sitting at the table and eating off his airplanes!

      • Knox has the small ovals, and I've used them on everything from pacifiers to bottles, sippy cups to snack containers.  They are fabulous!  Oh, and I love their bag tags.  Perfect for MDO or Sunday School.

    • Snack Containers
      • These are the best things ever.  ReSNACKit's are dishwasher safe, lined, and perfect for all snack sizes, pretzels to PB&J's.  We bought ours off of Zulily, so be on the look out for deals.  I have the small and large, and they suit our needs perfectly.  Go get you some!

    • Train Table
      • We got this train table off of for Knox's 2nd birthday.  Not only was it a great deal (with $5 shipping), but it's awesome.  He's a huge fan of planes, trains and automobiles, and all three are featured in this set.  What I love the most is the trundle underneath for storage.  With as many parts as all of his toys have, it's a welcomed feature!