Friday, February 15, 2008

A few days ago...

I was invited to accompany Ava and Francoise (two great ladies that work at PFSweb with Stephen) to go "swimming." I really didn't know what to expect, but thought it would be a fun adventure. It sure was! They took me to the Carolus Thermen Wellness Center in Aachen, Germany, one big relaxation spot! There were three or four main pools indoor, and two outdoor pools, all heated with natural spring water. They all had waterfalls and massaging spouts, bubbles and even a whirlpool spot. We enjoyed each pool, the mint sauna, and even the pebble walking water (supposedly to massage your feet, it was painful). Afterwards, we made our way upstairs to have a bite to eat! The food was awesome, and the whole experience was extremely affordable. It's only two hours away, and from looking at their website they have so much more to offer that we didn't even tap into! We are definitely going to go back, especially because Ava filled us in on the WAL-MART down the street, complete with American food. I was beside myself! I'm so excited about these two new finds! Very cool! Thanks Ava! Please browse the website, and get your tooshies over here and enjoy a swim with me!!

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