Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dotson's, Meet Liege

Once back in Belgium, we needed a rest. Kelly, Stephen and I retreated back to our apartment to relax, while RP and Glenda stayed at the Bedford Hotel down the street. We met back up that night to have some appetizers, then headed to Pipers in the Carre for dinner. Stephen loves the pizza there, so we needed to introduce the Dotson's (or reintroduce them) to true Italian pizza! It's so yummy! The next morning we walked La Batte, the market that opens on our street every Sunday. We shopped around and had lunch at one of our little spots, where the fam could taste the "Boulet Liegeois," or Liege meatballs. Those of you that have visited have had the honor of these yummy treats, and I think the Dotson clan enjoyed them as well! If not the meatballs, we enjoyed the frites. You CAN have too many frites, we learned. Kelly had to leave on Monday, which was very sad. It was snowing, but she was able to take off and get back with relative ease. Yes, I said snowing! Can you believe it? Up until this point I hadn't seen it snow here, I guess I figured it would have snowed by now at least. It's Spring now, people. It should be 85 and sunny, right? Well, it was a blizzard instead. Stephen had the day off, as did everyone in Belgium, so we were trying to think of things to do. We decided to go see a movie. It was fun, and we saw 10,000 B.C. I'm sure you men out there would love it, but unless everything in your town is shut down, it's not a must see :) Tuesday RP, Glenda and I made the trek to Cologne, Germany to see the Cathedral. It was snowing the whole drive, which was gorgeous and scary at times, too! The cathedral was amazing, as usual (a must-see) and the cafe afterwards was great, too! We made it back in time to steal a nap before dinner time. Stephen got home from work and we went to Maastricht to eat at Il Giardino, this wonderful Italian restaurant. We had nice food (even truffles), nice wine, and awesome desserts! It was bittersweet knowing it was our last night, but boy was it good! Wednesday Glenda and I went shopping in Liege, doing our best to avoid the rain. For lunch we met Stephen and RP in the center before they headed to the airport. It was very sad to see them go, and I'm still a little down about not having them here, but it was such an amazing vacation...and even better memories!

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