Sunday, April 20, 2008

Best Day EVER

Stephen and I woke up to sunny skies, tried out a new church in Brussels that we love, had lunch on a PATIO in 60 degree weather, Liege Standard (pronounced "stand-throaty rrrrr-d", our soccer team) just won their game 2-0 and is #1 in Belgium, and the full moon over the river is amazing! Pretty darn incredible day! God is good...

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  1. Hey Dotsons,

    This is Laura Doyle from The Well. It was great having you there on Sunday. I'd love to correspond/chat with you as you have questions about The Well or anything else. I also would love to connect you with my friends in Liege. I have written them and they asked me to pass their contact details onto you. I think I found you on Skype. I sent you a chat message - shoot me an email and I'll send their email address to you.

    I hope you have a great week. I hope to see you next weekend.