Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Family Fun Day

Stephen and I made great use of our past weekend. As most of you know, we were able to catch the TX/OU game in Brussels. It was really nice to be able to see a game, much less the biggest upset this year. You all know that I tend to root for OU, and although I have a lot of friends that went to TX...your Texas Ex's rep in Brussels needs to be fired. She was incredibly annoying, disgustingly vulgar, and her use of the f'bomb and "go back to your Indian Reservation" jargon hit a sensitive chord with me. We'll just say we didn't get along. It really had NOTHING to do with the game or the University, I just hate fans like that, and I really can't stand people that speak about things they know nothing about. Anyhow, I was incredibly embarrassed for her, and embarrassed that everyone around her thinks that is the way Texans act. Oh well, right? Nothing I can do about it. I'm sure there are equally annoying OU fans, and we ALL know that the A&M fans are worse :) I kid, I kid!

The next morning, we decided to spend the day together in Liege. I had to work on Saturday morning and then attend a meeting on Saturday afternoon, so we looked forward to a family day! We started by walking the market in front of our house. We haven't shown recent pictures of this market, so I thought I would inform you guys of the Fall's latest...people and goods!

After we walked the market, we decided to visit the October Fair in Liege. Every October for the entire month the city hosts a fair. Not like the Texas Fair, it only has rides, trashy outfits, sickening food (the pita we ate still hasn't settled) and amazing people watching. I did my best to document some of these things...but again I have to watch out for my safety :)

This guy was on a bumper car, though. Figured it was my window of opportunity!

Stephen loved his day at the fair. Not only did he get a DP, the weather was perfect (in the 70's) and he also got a pita made to order (no vegetables or lettuce). Nice.

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