Sunday, December 21, 2008

There are starving Chihuahua's in Belgium...apparently!

Exhibit A:

Stealing my dinner

Exhibit B:

Edging her way into Stephen's

Exhibit C:

Making it happen...

I promise we feed her!


  1. Found you off of Hollie's blog. We have a chichuahua too and they are a hilarious breed. So personal and charming. Ours can't go "outside" without an audience. And needs to bring her food to dine with us. If I'm not paying enough attention she will jump up (if I'm sitting down) and nip at my elbows- only me. And the Christmas tree is causing some emotional disturbance in her sweet little brain. We never dreamed that this type of dog would be ours, but we love her. So funny looking at yours. Sneaky, cute dog!

  2. That's great! Gracie is soooo not a D-O-G, she's a real live little princess from Mexico. Feed your baby!