Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fashion forward?

When I was 16 I worked at Tommy Hilfiger at the Galleria in Dallas. I had to wear all the preppy clothes and deal with really ridiculous people who just wanted the "label." Case in point: We would wrap all purchases in tissue paper and then seal it with a "Tommy" sticker...well they would BEG for a roll of the stickers. Strange. I digress...

This morning I woke up and it WASN'T RAINING. Do you hear the "hallelujah?" So I decided to forego the living room work out and go for a run. I hadn't eaten breakfast, and this bit of information would be completely asinine if it weren't that I was about 100 feet behind a woman 10-minutes into the run that was wearing copious amounts of "Tommy Girl," and I really felt like if I had eaten I would have chucked right there on the street.

Without warning I was right back in that little store in the Galleria. Busy Saturdays with at least 500 "trial sprays" of Tommy Girl from obnoxious groups of teenage girls on the prowl. I guess this is all to say that not all Europeans are "fashion forward."


  1. a) That is funny and b) you could be pregnant if you smelled her perfume that strongly :-) I can smell someone peel a banana from a hundred yards away.

  2. Wow... just catching up on your blog and read this Tommy post. I remember when you worked there! I worked at the Galleria Gap and we would meet for lunch!!! I thought you made SO much money and was also lucky/smart enough not to spend your entire paycheck at your place of work. Shout out to the Gap. Miss you guys!