Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My first Mother's Day

My nephew Conner was getting dedicated, so we headed to our first church service with Knox praying he wouldn't disturb the pastor in the middle of his sermon. Thankfully, we're able to see the change in his demeanor and can predict when he's about to blow a gasket. And it happened just after the dedication. so we were lucky! He had a cute little outfit on (and by cute I mean cute for a premie adorable button downs yet :( ) and after I fed him, he lost all three bodily functions on his clothes and elsewhere...thus ruining pics for the time being.

Once we got home we forgot all about taking family pictures, and to be honest didn't rememeber until well after 9pm. At this point we all had our PJ's on. I didn't care, it's us!

So, without further adieu...My first Mother's Day!!


  1. Oh my word...he couldn't be ANY cuter! Just precious! I hope you are all doing well...much love, prayers & HUGS!!