Friday, August 27, 2010

Back to the grind...

We've been away! I apologize for the absence, but I didn't want blogland to know we weren't at our house...paranoid, probably.

We ventured down to Austin to hang with my parents for a while, then headed to the Hyatt Lost Pines resort for a little get-a-way. AH-MA-ZING. I recommend this resort to anyone...if you have kids! There were kids everywhere. We've decided to make this a yearly tradition, though. It was that fun!

My parents were so sweet to come out and watch the little guy so the hubs and I could get away for a nice dinner. We shared some wine and great was so nice to just have him to myself. And we're cute, what can I say?

Meanwhile, the little guy tore up the lobby with these two! Gigi and Papi love little Knox, and I think it's obvious he feels the same. They had a great time!

The next morning we took a stroll down by the Colorado River. It was beautiful! Knox loves to be outside and look at everything going on in the world around him. He's such a muffin!

We're back now. And leaving today for Austin again. I guess I'm not too paranoid because I just word vomited that...but we're REALLY excited to spend the weekend on the lake with some special friends, sans Knox. EEK!

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  1. Love the pictures with the hat and I can't get enough of those chunky cheeks!!