Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Jailbreak

Stephen and I ran in the "Jailbreak" race in Roanoke this past weekend. Aunt Kelly came by and watched Knox while we had a little rendezvous with the mud.  It was a great time...we'll have to get a group together to do it again next year.  Anyone interested??

Before the race...still dry!

The Sheriff, ready to come get us!

The start.

The Finish.
Finished, and had a great time!

He did, too!



  1. seriously. you look amazing. you did NOT just have a baby 5 months ago.

  2. Awesome! We're in for next year!! I was expecting some mud up in your grill...you needed to get more dirty:) How was it? Did you like it? Sweet socks by the way!