Friday, March 8, 2013

New start...and new illnesses.

OH dear.  Keeping up is going to be harder than I thought.  Staying out of the house for showings, finalizing the house here, our house going into the option period, inspections,'s just a lot.  Then add strep, colds, and two stomach bugs...It's been a crazy few weeks!

But so fun (minus the stomach bugs).

So, to catch you up to speed (again):

The last week of February we decided to welcome March with a little craftiness.  Love his hand prints and watercolor skills!

Knox's preschool put on a little open house for Dad's only.  This year the theme was "Outer Space" and they were given maps and items to check off of their list.  Knox loved the spaceship...

His favorite ride...

And bossing people around.  He's a stickler for the rules!

Aren't they the cutest??

The first Saturday of March we met our friends the Wrights up at Home Depot to make some race cars.

The kids had a blast, but then when it was over Stephen and I stocked up on random things to complete our post-inspection repair list.  It was a full weekend, and a bit of a stressful week, but we are out of the option period and moving towards the closing date (Apr. 3).

Once back in Austin, we've overcome the stomach bug (both Knox and I had it) and are trying to enjoy the weather.  Lots of sidewalk chalk, playing in the fountains and egg organizing:

We met with our builder yesterday for the house here in Austin, and were pleasantly surprised to hear it will be completed much sooner than we expected.  Makes me happy, happy, happy!

We drove by to see the lot, and found it to be cleared and ready to go!  Love our view, but will love it even more once the house is in place!  It will be set up (see the house in the corner below?  You can see the "floor" level) so the view is even better.  We're so excited to get in it!

Overall, things are going great.  We have some fun things planned in the next few weeks with friends and family, and before we can blink we'll be packing our house.  So bittersweet, but also so exciting.

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  1. So excited for you guys!! Will miss you so much, but I know you will be so happy being close to your family and a brand new house!!! What's not to love about all of that!?!?