Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Knox-isms...from the mouths of toddlers!

We just returned from a little family reunion for a cousins wedding in Florida, and we left the nugget home with Gigi and Papi.  We always miss him when he's not around, but we seemed to really miss him this time.  I think it's the age...he's hilarious.  Not necessarily meaning to be, he just is.  

My friend Mollie posted a while back some things her daughter Claire had said...so I copied.  I keep a running note in my phone, and when he makes a funny comment I jot it down.  Here are some of the recent things that have come out of his mouth:  

Knox: "I feel like Santa."
Me: "Why?"
Knox:  "Because I got sweaty from my food."

Me:  "Knox, stop kicking mommy's seat."
Knox: "No, I'm just exercising." (And then continued to count to 20 reps kicking my seat)

(He couldn't find daddy on the tennis courts, but was still clapping while looking)
Knox: "I'm just cheering for the other mans. Two more!!"

Knox:  (First day of 100 degree weather)  "It's so hot. It's making my eyeballs hurt."

Me: "Knox, do you want toast with jelly for breakfast?" 
Knox:  "No.  Can I just have the jelly?"

With Gigi this weekend (she documents, too)--
Gigi: "Knox I need to run home and get my phone."
Knox: "I have my fast shoes on, I can run."
Gigi: "Oh, I mean I need to go home and get my phone"
Knox: "oh, can I stay in the car?"
Gigi: "I guess. I am just going to get my phone."
Knox: "can I look for stuff?"
Gigi: "what?"
Knox:  "Can I look for stuff in your car?"
Gigi:  "look for stuff?  No."
Knox: "oh!  My Mom says no, too!"

Knox: "Watch this GiGi!  You will laugh!"
GiGi: "I can't. I'm driving."
Knox: "OK, you can just laugh!"

After tripping:
Knox, to me:  "I hurt here, here, here, here and here (pointing all over). You can just go ahead and kiss my whole body."

Knox: (while looking at me in glasses and work out clothes):  "Mommy, you should probably go get dressed."
Me:  "Oh yea, you don't like the way I look?"
Knox:  "Well, you can't go to HEB's (he pluralizes it) like that.  And you look prettier when you have real clothes on."

Knox: (in a public restroom, the lady next to us passed gas)  "Mommy, I think she needs to try to poop, too.  Will she get a toy if she goes poo poo?"

He definitely keeps us on our toes, and we haven't ever had more fun than with him!


  1. The last one was my favorite. And hoping for a scavenger hunt in Gigi's car. The things we could probably find in there ;)

  2. That last one is amazing!! What a ham you have on your hands!

  3. I'm rolling over here!!! Those are HILARIOUS!!!

  4. Love it. Great idea to keep a running tab in your phone. This age is great!! Miss yall♡