Thursday, May 1, 2014

{Knox}: 4 Years

Four years have gone by in the blink of an eye.  Our sweet boy continues to bring so much joy into our lives.  I know for certain he was hand-picked just for us, and I'm so grateful I get to be his momma. 

We had his 4-year appointment, and his stats are:

30.8 lbs (10%)
39.75" (30%)

He's still a slight little guy, but he's just perfect.  We've had some trouble with his digestive system lately, and after trying different elimination tactics, we're moving on to allergy testing.  We're spending the next week re-introducing all the foods he's been off of, and will do a blood test next week.  Keep him in your prayers...the 4-year shots rattled him for a few days, so I'm sure the blood draw will be just as traumatic.

I haven't taken the time to do any photo shoots with my first love in a long time, so we did so this morning.  I just love him so, and I feel like I was able to capture his little spirit in these pictures.

He has the funniest sense of humor.  Stephen and I are caught off guard and surprised daily with his wit and timing.  He keeps us laughing and will definitely be a jokester.  And yes, his eyes are this blue!

He has a lot of OCD tendencies (he gets them honestly).  He's a perfectionist.  Most days we have a struggle to line up his toys just the right way before we can leave.  His socks have to be just right.  He doesn't want that shirt because it has a spot.  You get it.  I know these characteristics will serve him well when he's an adult, but right now I would categorize them as exhausting, ha!

He's moved on from his love affair with the "Cars" franchise.  They have eyes and talk, and real cars don't talk.  Noted.  He's now full-force into super heroes and everything Marvel.  If you can combine a super hero and a car/plane/helicopter/train...his head explodes.

He loves to learn.  He's always asking me to spell things, he wants to sound things out and he loves writing/tracing/drawing things.  I love his zest for learning, and hope it continues.

He's an introvert.  This one has been hard for me, as I'm definitely a loud extrovert.  He's like his daddy in this regard.  He excels in small groups, and always prefers to play with one or two people at a time.  He's happy and content to play alone, but also loves for us to play with him.

He's sensitive and empathetic.  He internalizes things, and will bring them to our attention later when he's ready to talk. He notices when others are sad and won't let it go until he knows they are ok.  He takes offense to things quite easily, so we're working on thickening his skin a bit.  I love his sensitivity, though, and think it will REALLY be an asset later on in life.

He's very task-oriented and loves legos and building train sets/streets/ramps, etc for his cars and trains to drive.  Daddy lets him drive the car in the 'hood quite frequently, and now that he has his own truck he wants to drive all of the time.

He is fascinated by the inner-workings of his toys.  He loves to disassemble and reassemble things, and can often be found using a screwdriver to try and "fix" his cars and trucks.  

He's curious, and loves adventure.  He is most happy exploring outside and making up stories for all of us to be a part of.  Lately, he's been playing family with a girlfriend down the street.  He's the daddy, she's the mommy and Blakely is the daughter.  We're in trouble.

He truly is the most amazing little boy, and we're so blessed to get to share life with him.  God has blessed us immeasurably with this one, and I can't wait to see what this next year will bring. 

Happy 4th, buddy.  You are so loved.

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