Tuesday, August 19, 2014

{Blakely}: 6 Months!!

Miss B is 6 months old.  Crazy to think we're half way to her 1st birthday.  We are so in love with this sweet girl and absolutely believe she was made perfectly for our family, and we can't remember life without her.

At 6 months:

She getting so chunky.  Knox never had many rolls so we are enjoying them on sweet B.  She is very "social," talking all day and squealing with excitement when she sees her brother (or food).  She is sitting up, and looking more like a big kid than a baby...except that she doesn't have any hair.   What she does have is bright blonde, so I'm excited to see it come in.  She's eating real food now, and so far loves butternut squash and sweet potatoes.  She loves to sleep, and starts wiping her eyes every single day at the exact same time.  She sleeps from 8-8:30/9 every day, and I often have to wake her up so we can get the day started.  A dream, right?  But just to keep it all real, we still wake up with Knox at least once a week for some reason or another.  It's not all butterflies, ha!


17 lbs (75%)
26.75" (85%)

If you're into the sibling comparisons, here was Knox's stats at 6 months!

We love you, Miss B!  We thank God every day we were chosen to be your parents.  Can't wait to watch you grow and learn over these next 6 months!

Now, the iPhone photo dump!

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