Saturday, August 9, 2008

"These guys whip it out so fast!"

*Said as the Great Britain Men's Rowing Team left the start...

We're deep in the Olympics here at the Dotson house. The problem, unfortunately, is we only get to watch British teams/individuals. With the exception of Michael Phelps. They seem to have an uncanny fascination with him. Guess it's because he's pretty great. So, we'll get to watch him and a lot of people we don't know and don't care about...

RP (Stephen's dad) is in China right now. He was able to see the opening ceremonies, some beach volleyball, and he gets to watch the USA whoop up on China in Basketball. We probably won't get to see it. Sad. I'll let you know how GB does, though :)

How great are the Olympics???


  1. They're GREAT! We always look forward to the summer Olymics. How about Michael Phelps?!?! We just wanted him win the gold in the 400m IM. INCREDIBLE!!!

  2. Loving the olympics... you can watch all the replays at:

    If you want to catch some of what we are watching!