Saturday, August 16, 2008

Peket Mania

August 15th is a national holiday in Belgium. Not exactly sure what we're celebrating (Assumption Day perhaps), but it was Stephen and I's first "2nd Annual" festival. Can't believe that!

*Apparently, "furries" do exist!

We wandered over to Outremeuse around lunchtime and were able to see the parade and have a little Peket. We've learned that people here party from 1am-5am during these festivals, so we were confident we would beat any crowds. It was nice.

*He got Duncan right, but the colors are a little off!

Of course there were people there who you could assume were still out from the night before...but that's what people watching is all about. Here are some of the random sights we were able to see...and look here for last year's party!

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