Saturday, May 2, 2009

Casa Batllo

Have I mentioned that I love Gaudi? Well, this was my favorite of his houses, ahem, Casa's. Not only is it completely unique, but also incorporates blues, white and dark fav's. We toured the house, the back terrace and the rooftop terrace. You can see some similar themes between this Casa and Casa Mila. Here are some of the best...

And of course some pictures of the Casa at night! Isn't it magical looking? I kept thinking we were at some Oompa Loompa convention or something...

And now the interior! He used a lot of wood and mosaic tiles, and the cool thing is that starting at the bottom it was light blue, and as you worked your way to the top, the tiles became darker, leading you to the skylights and rooftop terrace. He thought of everything!

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