Thursday, May 28, 2009

The goings on...

Things here are moving along far too quickly...but that's what we've been looking forward to, right? We've got most things packed up, and will be sending it on the crate on June 2nd. We had one going away party last weekend and two this weekend...we're VERY blessed! We go to the Commune tomorrow to "sign-out," have a holiday on Monday, the movers on Tuesday, a final dinner in Brussels on Tuesday night and I leave early Thursday morning.'s flown by!

Thinking back on all of the things we've done up to now is mind-boggling. We've visited 11 countries, eaten amazing food from various cities...and enjoyed all the Belgian beer we can stomach. Ok, that last one might have been an exaggeration. We can always have just one more! We're so grateful for this opportunity, but also so ready to get home and start a new chapter!

Stay tuned...

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