Thursday, October 1, 2009

It never stops...

We've been traveling like crazy lately! It's all to see fun people and do fun things, but I feel like we've been going nonstop. Two weekends ago I traveled to Horseshoe Bay for my sisters Bachelorette Party, last weekend we went to see Stephen's parents and this weekend we're heading back to Austin for Hayley's wedding. I'm loving seeing all of the family, but I also look forward to just staying home and laying low for the weekend!

Everyone asks me if I miss Europe. I do...and most of the reason I miss it so much is because we traveled all the time. If we were bored on a Saturday, we could load up the car and spend the afternoon in Paris, or head to Amsterdam for dinner. Here, I feel like our options are Sherman, Hurst/Euless/Bedford, or the occassional Ft. Worth. Not exactly the same. I was always shocked when people in Liege would say they'd never been to Amsterdam, some even Brussels. How could you not travel when you had so many beautiful things to see? Now I'm eating a humble pill, because I think of all the places to see this side of the pond, and I've got some work to do!! Hopefully Stephen and I can get away in the near future and see some sights! Cross your fingers!!

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