Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Sister's Wedding

Last weekend was my baby sister's wedding in Austin, TX. We drove down on Thursday night to be there for all of the festivities. It was a blast...though the weather didn't hold up. We didn't let it stop us, though!! Stephen and I love Austin, and being there the whole weekend, able to soak up all the great places the city has to offer was amazing! Here are a few pics from the beautiful wedding, and of the happy couple! Congrats, Hayley and Matt! We love you guys!!

Hayley with my Mom and Dad

My turn

The sisters'-in-law

Oh yeah...SURPRISE! Three preggo's at her wedding :)

My main men

The Happy Couple

Father/Daughter Dance

Sparklers to end the night!!!


  1. What???? Congratulations!!!

  2. you just snuck that in there!!! congrats!!!

  3. Wait, what?! Are you saying I look pregnant or something? Are you calling me fat? Are you saying that dress made me look pregnant? I think I might be offended:)

  4. AND how is she old enough to get married I still remember when she would come up and play when she was in HS sheesh we are old

  5. yay!! i think that news needs its own post! yay~ love it

  6. YAY!! You did just kind of sneak that in there. I am thrilled for you!

  7. I had to look back and see if I missed a post of a BIG how you kinda stuck that in there - CONGRATS, girl! We will be praying for you guys! So, I'm thinking I need some more details! ;)