Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bluebonnets in Austin

The Texas state flower is the bluebonnet.  Knox loves pointing them out, but refuses to follow the "please don't pull/touch/defame the state flower" rule.  Ooops.

Every year parents pull over on the side of the road to get the quintessential bluebonnet shot...and we followed suit.  Thankfully we were able to safely park on a neighborhood street and walk among them instead of risking our lives :)

I think they turned out cute...and I'm so thankful for this sweet boy!

Three in two weeks...seriously?

He can be quite the angel...most of the time.

His hand is on his hip.  Ha!

He told me it was too bright, so we walked back to the car to get his shades.  These ended up being my favorite shots!

Typical Knox...jumping and smiling!

Too cool for school

Never too busy to stop and smell the flowers

My sweet {almost} three year old...

running wild and free.  

The Lord has truly blessed Stephen and I with this miracle boy.  Our hearts overflow.

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