Thursday, May 2, 2013

{Part One} - Knox is THREE!

Our sweet boy is THREE.  We often look at him and wonder how we got here...know what I mean?  It seems like yesterday we were eagerly awaiting his arrival.  Now he is a smart, witty, sassy and often stubborn little BOY.  God is so good, and we definitely feel blessed with our little man.

While in Dallas we were able to have a birthday celebration for him with Mimi, Papa and Kelly.  Mimi bought decorations, we blew up balloons and Aunt Kelly bought him an adorable cookie cake.  He is definitely spoiled, and lucky to have so many people that adore him as much as we do.

After blowing out his candles, he opened his presents.  Legos, puzzles and monster trucks stole the show...

We had a great time causing destruction with the monster trucks.  I probably should have put on makeup for the pictures, though.  Oh well.

On Saturday (his actual birthday) we got dressed and headed out to a patio to enjoy the weather.  Since I'm never in pictures, I made sure to snap one before we left of the little guy and I.

We took a few family photos at the restaurant, but Knox was over it.  The pictures below are his "Cheese...but please stop" face.

That night, we had planned on doing Chuck-E-Cheese or Dave 'n Busters, but quickly decided against it after seeing the crowds.  We settled on Benihana, and he loved it. 

He did great with the kid chopsticks, and ate his body weight (which incidentally isn't that much) in rice, veggies, shrimp and chicken.  He even ate most of my soup and salad, too!

After singing to the birthday boy, we headed out and relaxed at home before bed.  It was a full day, and we had so much fun celebrating our sweet boy!  Can't wait to see what this year holds for him.

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  1. I love how happy he is when you guys are singing to him in the first video! Happy 3rd, Knox!