Friday, September 20, 2013

Catch up...

The amount of catch up I need to do on this blog is getting comical...but in efforts to start somewhere, we're just going to have a photo dump.  I've been putting off this post because I kept avoiding editing the I decided to not edit and just post them up.  

Here in Austin we're finding a lot of different bugs and wildlife than our usual Dallas mosquitos.  We've had praying mantis, grasshoppers the size of my hand, wolf spiders (read: MASSIVE), and the occasional coyote.  Knox found a catchable grasshopper one morning, so off we went to locate the bug catcher.

He was so excited!

I decided we needed to release him to the wild, so we went outside.  Knox promptly told me he wanted to document the release.   He's into using my "big" camera lately, and he did a good job!

Another thing we've gotten back into is painting.  He loves to paint, both acrylic and watercolor.  I decided to just let him go for it and use the art for his hallway.  I think it turned out cute!!

 I really do have plans to show you the house, and to update you all on what we've been up to...but it will have to wait.  You see, yesterday we went for our anatomy ultrasound.  The little nugget is perfectly healthy, and this momma could NOT feel any more relieved.

We had her put the gender in an envelope, and a baker is going to give us cupcakes to reveal the gender.  Tonight's the shin dig, so I'll post an update soon!

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  1. Katie: Knox is adorable! I love how you have incorporated his art into your home - what a great way of making him feel special and apart of the who process! Glad to see all is well with your wee one - excited to hear about your reveal! Hugs!