Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Knox's First Day of Preschool-3's

I have so many planned posts, and just no time to write them.  Moving in, getting the house settled, what Knox has been up to, pregnancy updates...but they'll just have to wait, because today Knox started PRE-SCHOOL!

He's been so excited to start school and meet new friends.  He's asked me every week this summer when school will start, and when we started the "(x amount) of sleeps until school" talk he's been super pumped up.  It makes my heart happy that he loves meeting new people and learning.

Funny story...I told him on Sunday that he had two more sleeps until school started.  I meant two more "big" sleeps, meaning at night.  Well, when he woke up from his nap yesterday he was ready to go to school.  I told him he still had one more sleep, to which he argued "no I don't.  You said two more sleeps.  I sleeped last night and my nap today.  2 sleeps."  To his credit, he was keeping track and really excited.  Once I explained everything he was fine, but also bummed.

This morning, we got ready and snapped some pics before his big day.  He wasn't too keen on smiling for the camera, but we still ended up with a few good shots:

Once we arrived at school, I made him take a picture in front of the sign...it was bright outside, hence the squint!

He is currently enrolled in the Tuesday/Thursday class while we are on the waiting list for a MWF opening.  While home, I got a call from the director that an opening came up, so he'll be going again tomorrow, and then MWF for the rest of the year!  He's so excited...and though I'll miss him, once Dotson 2.0 arrives it will be a huge blessing!

When I picked him up, the teachers said he did great and they loved having him in the class.  Can't ask for much more than that!  We're looking forward to a great year!

Hope all of your kiddos have a great year, too!


  1. He is growing up so quickly!! Hope he has the best time in school!

  2. So sweet! Can't believe he's already in pre-school! Keep the blog posts coming ;)