Monday, October 21, 2013

Community Helper Day

Knox's school puts on an event called "Community Helper Day," where all of the city's fire, police, and EMS workers come to volunteer their time and let the kids thank them for their hard work...and climb in the vehicles, spray the water hoses and have their minds blown.  I was so sad to miss (work trip), but was so thankful that Mimi and Papa (Stephen's parents) were there to take it all in.  They volunteered in my place and documented the day, so I felt like I didn't miss anything.  They are SO great!

For Halloween, he'll be a Firefighter.  He got a lot of practice putting fires out that day!

And driving tractors...

And sitting in them!

He listened to his heart beat, and loved sitting on the gurney! 

 He probably could have sat there all day! 

Meeting the K-9 unit with his classmates

I mean, how cute is that??  I love that he's excited about being "arrested."  Makes me nervous for college...

His class on "Starflight."

He looks so little!

Apparently the sirens were too loud.

Looking at all of the Sheriff's SWAT gear

And standing next to the SWAT truck

He obviously had the BEST DAY EVER.  I love all of these pictures!

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