Monday, January 13, 2014

Blakely's Sprinkle...and the countdown begins!

Some of my mother-in-law's sweet friends hosted a sprinkle for Blakely this past weekend.  I am so grateful they did this for our new addition, and was in awe at all of the cute details they included!

Mantle decor: her monogram and a bow tree

Straw decor

The silverware

The picture above is of a "sprinkle," with clouds and raindrops.  Hard to tell from the iphone pic, but the raindrops have her name on them.  Super cute!

Her sweet diaper cake and sock flowers...adorable!

Mom and I

Cute favors

Again, water "sprinkling" for door decor

Mom and my 35 week belly

Glenda and I

I am so thankful for these friends, and Blakely was SHOWERED with adorable clothes, blankets, loveys, socks, shoes and bows.  Baby girl is going to be the best-dressed baby around!

One of the most touching gifts I received was from my mom: she saved my coming home outfit, christening gown and the first outfit I wore when I met my grandparents for the first time (including the picture of my Papa holding me in it for the first time).  Tears were shed, and I'm so thankful to have these in my possession and to be able to carry on the tradition with my baby girl.  

Here they are hanging in her room:  The yellow dress and blanket (underneath) was worn when visiting my grandparents, and the white dress and bonnet on the right was my Christening gown.

The pink dress above was what I came home in, and Blakely will also come home in it.  The dress and blanket look almost new...and of course mom had to supply some adorable shoes and a bow to go with it.  I was so touched that she had kept them the past 32 years, and can't wait to see my baby girl in them.

We are surely blessed!

As for Blakely's arrival, the countdown has begun.  I had my 35-week appointment last week, and she's "very low," head down, cervix is soft, and I'm 2 cm dilated.  I would love for her to stay put a few more weeks, but I'm also so excited to meet her.

I have my 36-week appointment Wednesday, so we'll see how things are progressing.


  1. So sweet, I am so excited for you guys. God is an amazing miraculous God!!!

  2. The sprinkle looked beautiful! I am so sad that I had to miss out,,,can't wait to meet B!

  3. ok, that decor is super cute! So excited for you!!