Monday, June 23, 2014

Galveston 2014

We recently returned from an awesome beach vacation with the Dotson family.  We drove up Monday morning, the day after Mimi's birthday, and were able to celebrate with her in Galveston.  Knox was so excited when we arrived at the sea wall and could see the water.  

We arrived at the beach house, got unpacked and hung out together before starting dinner.  While making dinner, we were in the living room watching television when Knox walked in and tripped, smashing his lip/face into the corner of a glass coffee table.  I watched it while it happened and would really like to not have to see something like that again.  After 3+ hours of it bleeding and keeping ice on it, he finally turned a corner and was able to get some sleep.  It was very swollen and cracked most of the trip, but he was a champ and still enjoyed the vacation to the fullest.  I was very proud of him.  Once we returned from the trip, I had the doctor take a look at it at Blakely's 4 month.  He said we got pretty lucky that it healed as nicely as it did...he severed the skin that attaches your lip to your gums and had a 2.5cm slice out of his gumline, just above his teeth.  All seems to be well, and it looks great, so we're thankful!

Daddy made the nights fun with shadow puppets, and he quickly forgot he was injured!

Our first full day we went to the Theut's beach house and enjoyed lunch at the country club.  Stephen took Knox out on the jetski in the bay, and I even took a little spin.  Blakely enjoyed being outside in the breeze, watching us speed by!

 Aunt Kelly arrived Wednesday afternoon, and we enjoyed having so much time all together.  We spent our days at the pool, beach, in the hot tub, at the house and even an afternoon walking around the Strand.

Knox loved getting to splash in the waves, burying himself (and daddy) in the sand and building castles.  He would have stayed on the beach 24/7 if we let him.  I'm sure every summer is going to have to include the beach from now on...he's obsessed!

Blakely did great while we were away.  She slept like a champ, and enjoyed naps in her rock n' play listening to the waves come in.  We are really fortunate to have an easy baby that goes with the was a breeze!

On Sunday we celebrated Father's Day and had a great breakfast and then headed home.  We are so lucky to have Stephen in our lives, and the kids are so blessed with him.  He's such an active part of their lives, and the whole house lights up when he walks in.  It was special to be able to celebrate with RP, and then my dad once we were back in Austin.  Knox and Blakely have some amazing role models in their lives!

We had such a great trip, and as always it was over too quickly.  Thanks, Dotsons, for a great trip!

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