Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Orlando and Disneyworld

Back in May, we combined a little work trip with a lot of fun with the family.  Stephen and I attended a trade show in Orlando, and we had the kids tag along.  Knox was so excited to get to Disneyworld, but really I think he could have just flown there and back and been happy...he LOVED air travel.

Once at the resort, we had a few days of a trade show to attend, so my mom was a saint and entertained the kids while we were busy with work.  Knox had a heck of a time, seeing fancy race cars, playing games at the arcade and swimming with sis!

The night before Disney, we went to Benihana's to eat dinner.  He loved the "ninja" preparing the food and especially loved the Mickey ears made from rice.

We only had two days for Disney, so we started on Thursday with Magic Kingdom.  We got there as early as we could with a preschooler and baby, and made the most of our FULL day (8am-11pm).

We took pictures all over the park, and I stole these off the Disney website (which is why they are a little out of focus).

Highlights of day 1:


Lunch near Buzz's lair

Driving race cars

Seeing Mickey and Minnie (and the rest of Disney characters) at the mid-day parade

Meeting Winnie the Pooh characters at dinner

Seeing the laser show at the castle

And the parade

And of course the fireworks...incredible!

It was a packed day, and we were all exhausted.  After a semi-good nights sleep, we headed to the Hollywood Studios for day 2.

Highlights included:

The Disney Junior show, complete with Mickey's clubhouse, Doc McStuffins, Jake and friends and Sophia the first

The best part of the trip, per Knox was seeing Lightening McQueen and then watching him race at the stunt show

We did a little Hollywood movie tour boat ride, but Knox just thought it was loud

The Toy Story 3d Ride/Game was a hit...but it had a long line.  At least they made the line fun with lots of things to see

And at lunch, he saw a Stormtrooper.  He hasn't ever seen Star Wars, but he's a fan now!

On the way home, the past two days caught up with him...

And these were the two nuggets when I tried to wake them up to catch our flight...

We had so much fun, and have memories that will last forever.  So thankful we were able to do it all, and look forward to doing it again once Miss B is old enough to remember!

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