Friday, November 21, 2014

{Blakely}: Nine Months

Our little nugget is nine months old.  Three quarters of a year.

It's true that it flies by, and I'm just hanging on for the ride.  She's such a sweet one, and we feel so lucky to have her.  She was meant for our family, and is the perfect fit.

At nine months:

She is .25" longer than her brother and 3 lbs heavier at this age.  Just a little chunk of love.

We had so much fun this past month...Halloween, Fall parties, pumpkin patches and more.  She's so easy going, and it's nice that she's always happy to be a part of things!  She has a serious fear of missing out, like Knox did, so she's just happy to be included!

She loves:
Food, more table food than Gerber
Watching the dogs
Pulling up and walking around furniture/train table
Her lovey
Wrestling with Daddy and Knox

She Hates:
Diaper changes
Being contained when she wants to be down and on the move
Getting her nose wiped

She came down sick for the first time this month.  She has a double ear infection and RSV, and we're just hoping she continues to heal up and get better!  Even when sick, she's still the easiest baby (in comparison to her big bro), and we just love her to pieces.

Here are some pictures from the past month...

With her favorite toy, the phone!

She got stuck in the shopping cart

Her Halloween costume, the owl

The poor owl couldn't hang

Her thoughts on wearing a tutu

Still a thumb sucker

She loves wrestling

In her Uggs

Sick for the first time- double ear infection and RSV

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