Monday, February 16, 2015

{Blakely}: First Birthday Party, "Little Love"

We celebrated sweet Miss B's birthday on Valentine's Day.  Since it was on this special holiday, we decided on the "Little Love" theme.  Pale pink, gold and white were the colors, with splashes of coral and bright pink sprinkled in.

Strung on the mantle were all of her monthly chair pics, from one month to one year! It was so fun seeing the changes month to month.

Blakely and daddy

The Fab Four

Her smash cake, a heart-shaped layer cake with pink icing

The biggest hit for her were the balloons!

The spread.  Not shown: pomegranate lemonade, champagne and mimomas 

The birthday girl was excited for her favorite meal: chicken nuggets!

For lunch we served chicken and heart-shaped waffles on skewers.  She is obsessed with both of these food items, so it was the perfect fit!

We also had yogurt parfaits and chicken salad sammies.

We had random dessert items, such as sugary pretzels, dipped strawberries and heart-shaped rice crispie treats!

The HayleyCakes cookies stole the show, though!  She is so talented, and these cookies did NOT disappoint!!

Miss B slipped into something a bit more comfortable (and ruin-able) for her cake.  Funny, though, because as you will see she wanted NOTHING to do with the cake and icing.  Like her brother, she doesn't like to be dirty.

She was a bit overwhelmed with the crowd and was Knox, apparently.

Daddy tried to pique her interest...but she wasn't having it!

Poor babe.

She was much happier once we got her out and she could play and roam freely.  We all enjoyed ourselves and couldn't believe the party, and first year, went by so quickly! We are so blessed with this sweet girl and her brother.  God is SO good to us.

She had a great time, too!  So pooped.

And at 6:45pm (a new record!), Bubba lost the battle as well! 

A good time was had by all!


  1. How sweet! The chicken and waffles on a skewer was such a great idea! You are great at hosting parties - a true gift.