Friday, February 13, 2015

{Blakely}: She's ONE!!!

Our little love is ONE.  This year has been so much fun, and we have soaked up all of her goodness.  She is such a good baby, almost always smiling and laughing.  She ADORES her big brother, and he loves her just the same.  Watching their relationship the past few months has been such an incredible thing to witness.  A prayer answered.

She had her one-year check up on her birthday...cruel, right?  Dr. Temple gave her a glowing report, and also commented that she might be bigger than Knox at 18 months :)

She's tall and perfect, and we are so thankful she's right on track.

She had to get 4 shots today...and she felt each one deeply:

Poor baby.  I hate seeing that face.

At one year:


Her bubba
Momma and Dadda, but often prefers Dadda
Most foods, but must feed herself
Whole Milk
Sippy Cups
Magnets and Bubba's toys
Walking with her stroller
Sleeping--she loves routine, her lovey and thumb


Diaper Changes
Sitting in a parked/non-moving car
Having to sit still (see above)

She is always on the move, but still prefers to crawl as opposed to walking. She walks around furniture and behind toys on wheels, but not alone just yet.  She's into EVERYTHING and will most definitely be a climber.  She says Momma, Dadda, Bubba, Uh-Oh and is starting to say "Nigh Nigh" when it's time to go to bed.  She points to everything she wants, will shake her head "No," wave bye and blow kisses.

For her birthday treat, she got some soft-served ice cream.  She was in heaven...

Blakely Marie, you've made our family whole and we love you to the moon and back...times infinity.

Happy birthday, Miss B.

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  1. Y'all! She is precious! It just seems like yesterday you were sharing the precious story announcing that she should would be joining the world. It is truly amazing how time flies and these sweet babies grow up. Enjoy celebrating her fabulous day!!