Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Boom, upside your head!

If you are singing the little cheer in your head, than you get the title. If not, just ignore my humor and check out this funny story:

We're all walking along the promenade to the beach, excited to see the coast and feel the water. As we're admiring the harbor and chatting a group of young Spanish teens start walking towards us with little clipboards, wanting us to sign petitions. We don't really pay attention until they get really close to us, asking us if we spoke English. Stephen and the girls kind of part ways around them, saying "NO!" and kept walking.

I, unfortunately, was cornered by one of the aggressive little ladies. She pushed her clipboard into my stomach, shouting things in Spanglish, when I felt a little movement in my purse. I pushed her back a bit, saying "No! What are you doing?" when she FREAKED OUT. She walked past me and then HIT ME with her clipboard in the back. It didn't hurt, but I was completely stunned.

Aimee and the others caught on when they heard me yelling at her. They whipped around in time to catch her hit me and just bust out laughing. Well, that's not completely true. They were concerned for a second, but then cracked up. I mean, who gets hit by a pickpocketer? She didn't get anything out of my purse, only unzipped it halfway.

We watched the teenagers reassembling further down the promenade and were able to catch her have a hissy fit at her lack of skills again, throwing her pencil and stomping. Guess I won this round, babe!

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