Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Sagrada Familia and the Jazz night that never was...

Well, our jazz night was a flop. We arrived at the door to be told it was a 10 euro cover charge "unless you can find the people handing out flyers, then it's free!" Are you kidding? Guess they weren't, and we found a flyer-man rather quickly. We make it inside to be told we were the FIRST people at the club. It was midnight. Ridiculous. So, we tried out the music and decided we should make a move to another location. We ended up at a little Irish club called "Cheers!" and found a back booth to play cards. Though overdressed, we had a great time!!

The next morning we decided to head to the Sagrada Familia. I was VERY excited about seeing this part of Gaudi's works. Unfortunately, the church was mostly in scaffolding. I guess that's pretty typical of our European Adventures. Almost all good things have been under construction or being cleaned. The amazing thing about this structure, though, is that Gaudi died way before it was finished, and they are only finishing it as donations and money is given (and according to his strict plans). So, it's estimated that it will take 30 more years to complete! It was amazing, though...see for yourself!

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