Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2 Months

Knox is two months old. Big boy :) We went to the doctor today and he passed with flying colors.

His stats:

11 pounds (48%)
23.25 inches (73%)

We were asking the doctor about his ability to almost roll over already, and last night we were scared to let him stay on his side to sleep. The doctor confirmed that we needed to make sure he was laying on his back, but I think was a little skeptical of his ability to do this already. Then, while checking his strength "standing up," Knox pretty much held his weight for a few seconds and then started taking steps towards the doctor. He picked him up and stood him up further away, and sure enough Knox "walked" all the way to him. He said very few babies do this at his age, so we need to prepare ourselves for an early mover and early walker. He said at his 4-month check up we'll need to talk about baby proofing the house. Holy cow, seriously? I knew he was squirmy, but BABYPROOFING? Already? Geez...figures we'd have the crazy child :)

The shots were a breeze for Mr. Knox. He cried for a few seconds and was over it by the time daddy picked him up. His mom on the other hand...not so much. So sad seeing them hurt!

We're so thankful for a healthy baby. Now we just need to focus on bubble wrapping the house and all will be good!
Those cheeks are starting to fill out!

He's doing better at laying alone and playing on his activity mat or just looking at the ceiling fan (his favorite). He loves to make eye contact with us and smile and coo...adorable!

Loves his daddy!!

See? Told you!

Just happy and content! We love him so much!!

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  1. OMG, that last picture...his smile looks JUST like yours! SO PRECIOUS! Glad to hear all is well...what a blessing!