Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Knox has always been a mover and a shaker. I remember the doctor asking me about his kick count...ha! He moved NON-STOP in the belly, and not much has changed.

He's 8 weeks today. We're going to have our hands full! I put him in his crib straight, and when we go to get him out in the morning this is what we find:

We watch him on the monitor get close to rolling over and then giving up and falling back. It's probably on the brink...


  1. OH MY GOODNESS, Katie...he is absolutely PRECIOUS! Such a beautiful little boy...I could seriously eat him up! I hope you guys are doing well AND getting some sleep! HA! HUGS!

  2. So cute! Can't believe he's going to be 2 months in just 4 days!! Where has the time gone?!?!