Monday, June 7, 2010

Karim and Sarah's Wedding

Stephen's childhood friend, Karim, got married this past weekend and Stephen was lucky to be a part of the big day! Karim was in our wedding, and his new wife Sarah has been a great friend since Stephen and I met...because they've been dating longer than I've known Stephen :)
They finally made it official and it was beautiful, much like the bride. Aunt Kelly watched Knox for the first half of the night so we could see the ceremony and eat without disruption, and then he joined us for the dancing. He had a great time!!
Us with the beautiful couple. She looked stunning, and Karim was glowing in her presence!

Our cute family of three!

The groom's cake was a longhorn with a stethoscope. Karim graduated from medical school the following Monday! Congrats Karim, and New Orleans is lucky to have the two of you! Get ready for Europe in April :)


  1. katie dotson. you did NOT just have a baby. you look amazing! jealous, right here. :) way to go girl :)

  2. You look amazing Katie!!! I'm still trying to get there 10 months later. Wow! I need your secret!