Monday, May 2, 2011

Knox's 1st Birthday Celebration: The Party

His party was so much fun.  Thank you to everyone who took pictures, since I was running around soaking it all in.  Here's the party in all it's glory!

Knox and his Gigi

Sweet Becca, making sure his 4-wheeler is up to spec

Handsome Beck
Knox trying to dig into his loot

Knox and Mimi

Lunchtime with Aunt Kelly

The Kampens

Ms. Emily, Knox's partner in crime

Riding on his big boy 4-wheeler from Papi and Gigi (shirt courtesy of Tiny Bit More)

Beck moving in on Piper

When it was time to eat cake, we all gathered around Knox and his high chair.  To say he was overwhelmed would be the understatement of the year.

Don't worry that he put the candle out with his HAND.  And this "Mother of the Year" re-lit it so we could sing.  Yes, I did.

Loving it?  Not sure.

He decided Daddy should eat it.

Family pic.  Love the apprehensive look on my face.  I figured I was about to get some cake, too!

Gracie and Bella loved their bite.  Don't worry, PETA, they only had one bite.

Peanut Gallery 1

Peanut Gallery 2, Jeremy with Mackenzie and Papi with Avery

Aunt Hayley (photographer of the party) and Matt with a tired Knox

Before nap time, Stephen assembled his water/sand table from Papa and Mimi. 
He is obsessed with water, so he loved getting to splash around.

Carter thought Knox and his splashing was crazy and opted to stay semi-dry

Knox, however, was soaked.  Love that boy.

A great time was had by all.  Stay tuned for Round 2 of the cake (with no audience, he reacted a little more "typical.")

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  1. It was all SO adorable! I LOVE his new
    front teeth! (hadn't seen them..)