Wednesday, April 27, 2011

One year!!!

A year.  He's a toddler now.  Crazy.

We started today's picture chair photo shoot blankly:

I figured we'd have to wait until after the morning nap to get a smile.  Then I told him that he was ONE, and he decided to shape up :)

Here he is pointing to me...excited he's a big boy!

Keeping him in the chair was impossible.

All he wanted to do was get down and climb back in.

I taunted him with an egg to try and get a smile on camera, however
he decided playing the "uh oh" game (dropping it repeatedly) was way more fun.

Then he got REALLY excited when Bella popped into view.
He always gives the best smiles to the dogs.

He walked away numerous times.  I was sweating by the time
it was over.

Love all of those teeth.  I thought since he was smiling and laughing
I could sit him in his chair again and we could get a smile...


I couldn't let him cry on his BIRTHDAY, so I let him walk away and chase the dogs.  He is now a total walker.  He doesn't crawl at all...and I love it.  It's so much easier (and right now slower) with him walking.  He loves his independence, and thinks he is a hot-shot walking around the house getting from point A to point B.  He's started climbing and is no longer content pushing his toys around the house...he wants to RIDE them.  It's cute, and I love watching him discover ways to get onto furniture.  Watching him figure out how to get down is even better.  We just love him to pieces and can't remember life before him. 

Feeding the dogs from his high chair
Swinging outside
Splashing in the bath or on his new water table...kid is obsessed with water
The dogs
Talking...he's babbling from the minute he wakes up
Strawberries and cheese.  If he could have red wine I'd swear he was French
Playing with his toys that move and make a lot of noise
Eating like a big boy (all table food)
His juice
Swinging outside
His new big boy carseat (don't judge...2 years would have made him CRAZY)

Me forcing milk all day (kid would prefer juice or nothing)
My photo shoots
Vegetables mixed with fruit or yogurt
Walking with shoes on

Missing out on something (if he has to go to bed when people are over)
Diaper changes (they are mostly a two-man job to keep him still)

I love that his "loves" far outweigh his hates.  He's a very easy-going kid, and we can't wait to see what the next year holds!

Happy Birthday, Knox!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Knox! I cannot believe he is already ONE! Time sure does fly...