Friday, March 9, 2012

Frontiers of Flight Museum

We had a fun playdate with our neighborhood friends at the Frontiers of  Flight museum at Love Field.  As you all know, Knox is obsessed with planes.  As we were driving up and ooh'ed and ahhh'ed until we got out.  Outside are some army and navy-type planes, and the tails of some Southwest planes.  He wanted to touch all of them...but it was so windy we headed inside pretty quickly.

Inside the play area, they had a "kid-sized" plane that they could get in and pilot.  Claire and Knox loved flying it, and Knox even liked sliding down the emergency chute.

They had smaller things around the area, like this motorized Jay Jay plane and the plane bookcases.

Towards the back of the museum, you could get inside the planes and run around.  

They loved it.

Before we left, we sat and watched some Jay Jay cartoons in the theater.  Knox got quite relaxed and enjoyed the show.

I suggest going to the museum if your kids like planes.  It's an easy outing, and they had a great time.

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