Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Birthday Cookout: The peeps

Knox's neighbors and friends made his party special.  We had so much fun eating, playing and opening presents.  I think he's slightly depressed this week, seeing as no one is here to sing and give him cake.  Ha.

You can tell in the picture below how much he likes the "birthday song."


He blew them out on his proud!

This is heaven to him.  His cupcake, train and dinosaurs! 

Below are the pictures Aunt Kelly took at the party!  I love all of these kids like they were my own...

Sweet Jack and Hudson having a conversation over the toys

Sweet Maren giving Knox a birthday hug

Sweet Jack

Playing ball outside

Future Baylor roommates

Libby pushing Hudson around on Thomas the Train

Maren and Knox

Knox and I

Wade helping Knox and Jack figure out the robotic dinosaur

Libby helping with the Mater laptop!

Sweet Blair

Sweet Rook

Sweet Claire, playing on the train table.

Speaking of the train table, this was Stephen and I's gift to Knox.  It was a beast to put together, but we did it.  I even spent time gluing everything down...I figure it's best to not have to look for every piece every.single.time. he wants to play with it.

He loved it.  And his party.  Our hearts are full.  Thank you for celebrating along with us, even online!  

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