Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mother's Day: Part 2

Part two of Mother's Day weekend included a trip to the Ballpark in Arlington.  I had an appointment after the race that I couldn't cancel, so we were a bit late to the game.  Thankfully, after waking up early Knox took a morning nap on our way out there.  

Since we were late we had to park about 3 miles away.  A nice gentleman drove us a bit closer, but we still had a bit of a hike.  The entire walk to the ballpark we talked about what Knox would see.  He was getting excited, but not near as excited as we were.  There's just something about taking your boy to his first baseball game...pretty special.

We got to our seats, which were amazing by the way, and started cheering (and booing CJ).  Knox was taking it all in...a bit squirmy, but enjoying his surroundings.  Save a bad call, which led to an even worse bad-mouthed fan behind us, we had an amazing time!  

Since the game was an afternoon game, we were pushing naptime way back.  We've gotten rid of the paci except for bedtime, but made a slight exception for the Rangers (mostly so we could enjoy the rest of the game).  He just lounged and enjoyed the 6th inning.

It was the 40th anniversary of the Rangers franchise, and they gave everyone a hat commemorating the occasion.  Since we were late, we missed out.  The man sitting next to Stephen was a bit smitten with Knox, and gave him his hat.  It's an adult hat, but that just makes it cuter on his little head. 

This is at the bottom of the 7th...he was getting REALLY tired.  He was also over my picture-taking, and kept putting the cap back on my camera mid-photo.  We decided that was our cue, and decided to beat traffic and head out. 

As we were leaving, we passed the statue of the dad who fell to his death while trying to get a ball for his son.  So tragic, but I'm so thankful it's there.  Beautiful reminder of the relationship between the sport and fathers/sons.

All-in-all, the day was a success.  We went home and Knox took a 2-hour nap.  We then headed to spend a little more time with the Feigleson's before they had to head back to Houston.  It was nice to get the kids together to play, since they weren't able to at the race.  Knox was EXHAUSTED by bedtime, and so were we!  

Sunday morning my boys made me breakfast and gifted me with a spa day.  Music to my ears...that and spending the entire weekend with the two loves of my life made me a happy momma!

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  1. I completely forgot to go by the statue when we went to the game! Man. Love the pics you took and glad y'all had lots of fun!