Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Birthday Cook-Out: Details

Texas weather at the end of April is pretty nice, so we thought we would take advantage of the cooler temps and do something outside.  A cook-out seemed like the obvious choice, so we ran with it.  I found a lady on Etsy that made PDF bundles, so I was able to print everything off myself at home (saving lots of money).  

Since it was at our house, I didn't have to decorate too much.  The kids just want to play with the toys anyways.  My mom had purchased these poms for a party she was having, but decided last minute not to use them...they've been in my craft closet for months, so I decided to use them.  Thanks, Mom!

We cooked burgers and hot dogs on the grill, and had a little BYOBurger Bar inside with the fixins.  I also made some of my family's "famous" cole slaw, sweet potato fries and veggie fries for the kiddos.

We had enough poms to put them over the dessert table as well!

Speaking of desserts, I found these adorable cupcake/brownie burgers online and had to attempt them for the party.  They were super easy to make, and delicious to boot.  I'll definitely make them for a fun BBQ dessert in the future!

And no burger is complete without some fries.  Sugar cookie fries were a great, mess-free dessert for the kiddos!

And if the kids didn't get enough sugar, we had chocolate chip cookies as a "You're sweet for coming" favor. 

I think everyone had a great time...party pics up next!


  1. Hamburger cupcakes! Everything turned out really cute.

  2. Seriously! Not that I'm surprised at you, but the details are just precious! :) You did an amazing job!

    I kinda want to know more about that hamburger brownie! My boys would LOVE that!