Friday, July 6, 2012

The 4th of July: Part Two

Once Knox woke up from his nap (and us as well), we headed down to the M streets to hang out with our college gang.  Brian recently got a house, so we have been down a few times to enjoy the extra space.  He decided to smoke some meat in his birthday present from Amanda, so we had to get down there!  

The Fiji's discussing meat.

Smoker extraordinaire

It was still quite balmy, so Brian turned on some sprinklers to water the grass.  The guys decided to run through them with Knox...he had so much fun!!

Such fun.  I think Swaim might have enjoyed it more than Knox!

Once the meat was done, we chowed down.  The pork shoulder and brisket were awesome!

Of course the dudes had to light some fireworks.  I was panicked the cops were going to come the entire how times have changed.  I'm such a nervous nelly now!

A "4" for the fourth!

Brian's upstairs roommate had jumbo jenga.  We had a great time playing, and dominating (thank you, Amanda!).

Then the Whites got there and we lost Knox.  He and Madison had so much fun playing, eating ice cream and chasing/riding on Andrew Dino:

After a sweet kiss night night, we headed home to a much-needed bath and bedtime.  Knox did the same :)

I hope you all had a great fourth, and were able to spend the day reflecting on the true meaning of our freedoms, and the lives lost to protect it.  

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