Tuesday, July 17, 2012


The Canyon Creek Crushers are champions, again!  This time Knox and I were able to be there when it happened.  It's so funny to me how nerve-wracking a neighborhood softball game can be, but we were definitely heckling and acting like this was the MLB.

They easily won their first game, and after a rain delay didn't have too long to wait to play in the championship game.  Knox was thankful for that...keeping him occupied is always a bit of a task.

He was happy to congratulate his daddy, though!  The "big" game was played against a hard team.  In fact, the last time they played, the Crushers lost 15-0.  Seriously.  We think it's because Stephen was out of town (ha, just kidding...4 others were out of town as well).  Tensions were high, all of the moms in attendance were nervous...but they did it.  In overtime.  Stephen had a great game, but came home with bruised ribs and a pulled hammy.  It's real serious, folks.  

The dudes...so pumped.

Knox was saying "I wanna go home," the entire overtime.  He's not too pleased to then have a photo-op.

One missing teammate, Mike Obert (the reason for the "O") had to miss the game due to West Nile and West Nile Meningitis.  I'm happy to report that he's on the mend, but we were rooting for him the entire time!

And our Crushers.  So proud!

He couldn't go to work the next day, he hurt that bad.  I asked him if he regretted playing so full-out and his response?  "It was totally worth it, we're back-to-back champs."  

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