Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Soccer Tots Finale

Knox isn't in love with soccer.  He likes it for a little bit, but it's not something he asks to do on a daily (or even weekly) basis.  Every time we are at the Soccer Tots lesson, he tries to escape to see what is going on in Lil' Sluggers, the T-Ball version of classes.  It's pretty funny, actually.  For the final class, though, he did great.  He enjoyed the drills, and actually did really well!

Rolling the ball with his feet.

Team Huddle

Final shot with his coach, Pathe.  This man is the most patient, fun-loving guy!  We enjoyed him so much!

And now, for your viewing pleasure...what it looks like when Knox plays soccer:

He likes every activity for about 5 seconds.

He loved the pyramid demolition.

This was his favorite part (note:  had NOTHING to do with soccer)

Getting his medal for completion!

Next up...Lil' Sluggers!  We figured he wanted to watch them so bad, maybe he'll be a left-handed baseball star :)

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